Getting Started with Auto Robot: Setup Campaigns

Once you have installed and activated Auto Robot you should see “Add New Campaign” link item on the plugin dashboard page. See more: Installation guide for Auto Robot

Step 1: Open Campaign Editor​

Click Add New Campaign link on the plugin dashboard or from the all campaigns page.

Step 2: Select Source Type​

You need to select your campaign type first, so that Auto Robot can fetch data from different sources. The default source type is RSS Feed.

Step 3: Add RSS Feed URL

You will need to set the RSS Feed URL you want to use, the url format will be like

Step 4: Post Schedule

Select campaign schedule use the wp cron job schedule on backend.

Step 5: Post Status

Select campaign post status, type and author.


Step 6: Post Images

Select campaign post image settings.

Step 7: Categories & Tags

Select campaign post categories and tags.


Step 8: Save & Publish

Save the campaign details and publish the campaign.


Ready to setup your campaigns?