WordPress Autoblogging Plugin

Auto Robot

Auto blogging and generate WordPress posts automatically from RSS Feed, Instagram, Youtube,
Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Flickr and etc.

Features of Auto Robot


Source Selector

Helps you select different article source types, include rss feed, social media, videos and etc


Campaign Editor

You create and edit campaign with options, include post image, post status, categories & tags


Schedule Post

Run the campaigns as the wp cron job schedule with your custom time and frequency settings


Template Shortcode

Template shortcode include {{video_embed}}{{video_key}}{{video_url}}{{video_title}} and etc


Keyword Generator

Generate suggested keywords base on your search by google suggestion api


Feature Image

Set first source image as featured image and save original image to wordpress media library


API Integrations

You can connect to the available apps via their API and activate them to collect data 


Manage Campaigns

We made your life easy! Just use the bulk actions you can edit, publish, and delete campaigns


Log System

Record the system status when running auto robot campaigns and wp cron jobs

Ready to setup your campaigns?